The art deco style comes from the 1920’s and 30’s and is of French origin. The French designers combined modern and classical elements, such as the geometric shapes used by Cubist painters, the dramatic colors found in Fauvist paintings, and exotic artifacts from the Far East commercial fit out. Americans added chrome and aluminum to furniture, while British used innovative materials like Bakelite. A classic example of art deco architecture is New York City’s Chrysler building. Probably the most distinct feature of art deco is its use of geometric shapes. Art deco fell out of favor in the 1940’s but came back when graphic design was popularized in the 1980’s. Today art deco is a popular motif for interior design in homes. Examples are modular furniture and “skyscraper” style bookcases. This article will discuss some ways you can use art deco chairs in your home.

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Art deco chairs are known for their geometric form but also their comfort. An art deco chair usually has sleek lines and often stark colors. In your living room, you can use chairs shaped like boxes or barrels, or tubular steel chairs. Try to avoid mixing too many styles, and make sure that they fit in with the other decor in your house. One way to do this is to add rugs with geometric designs: Take a look at our site

You can research by going online and looking at websites devoted to art deco furniture. The majority of these sell antique furniture, and you can of course use antiques, but that is an expensive way to go if you are looking at specialty websites. There are also many chairs made today in the art deco style which fit the category but are not true vintage art deco. eBay is a great place to check for art deco chairs as well as other art deco furniture due simply to the fact that much of what is being offered for sale is coming from individuals who are selling pieces they have had in their homes. You are much more likely to see an original art deco chair being sold at a low price on eBay than you ever would anywhere else online. Certainly sometimes a bidding flurry will occur and drive the price up, but there are also times when individual pieces fall through the cracks.

If you choose to search locally for art deco chairs, you should shop around as much as possible. If you are only searching for original vintage chairs, be prepared to do a bit of searching. Shops built with the sole purpose of selling vintage furniture will most likely be on the expensive side. You may however be able to do alright for yourself by devoting a couple of weekends to visiting estate sales in your area.